Episode 15-Steve Kaplan (@stvkpln) – You can have your vCake and eat it too


In this weeks episode (iTunes and MP3) GS & Chris chat with Steve about:


  • vCAC – Getting started with it and using it with vCO
  • Importance of time zones and time synchronization
  • Deploying a VM is easy – after the fact configuration is hard
  • Understand when you’re building something that you’re usually not building it for yourself
  • Building error handling up front
  • How do vCAC and vCO fit together
  • NSX – using it to get rid of hardware and other ideas
  • vCO & NSX
  • vCO workflows and SharePoint
  • Non-IT challenges with vCAC
  • Future plans for vCAC
  • Updates, patching, etc
  • SSO 5.1 hating
  • Burning down and starting over vs. upgrading

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