Episode 20-Rene Van Den Bedem (@VCDX133)


In this show I have a chat (iTunes and MP3)with Rene Van Den Bedem – @VCDX133 about:

  • Challenges of virtualising in the Middle East, how to make it happen
  • Vendor selection in the Middle East
  • Employee training and cross skill issues
  • Automation – vCO and SharePoint as a vCD alternative
  • Monitoring options – vCOps & ManageEngine
  • Customers don’t care about CPU utilization
  • The coolness of vCOps
  • First times presenting at VMworld and path to get there
  • Hybrid cloud – why/why-not
  • VCDX – paying it forward
  • Use cases for NSX
  • Possible fits for VSAN
  • VDI choices – Citrix vs View
  • AIX to VMware migration
  • AppHA – usage and compatability
  • DR – Application level protection
  • Plans for next time

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