Episode 5 – Jon Harris


GS solo again. My guest this show (iTunes or MP3) is Jon Harris, @ThevCACguy on twitter. He also blogs at www.virtumasters.com
In this show we discuss:

– Challenges with vCAC (hint – it’s mostly not the tech)
– How Jon worked through his billing issue
– Comparisons vCAC to vCD from a architect/engineering standpoint
– Building a solution vs. buying one
– The importance of focusing on business requirements and when to involve the business
– vCAC, DNS and IP address management

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Episode 4 – Eric Wright


Just GS again this show (iTunes or MP3). My guest this show is Eric Wright, @discoposse on twitter and he blogs at: www.discoposse.com. In this show we discuss:

– vCloud Director and drinking your own champagne
– Orchestration (with Puppet)
– vShield Edge
– Backing up a virtual environment
– Licensing challenges
– Physical datacenter issues
– Rise of the generalist

Thanks for listening!

Episode Two – Ed Grigson


My guest this show was Ed Grigson (@egrigson) owner of http://www.vexperienced.co.uk

This show (iTunes or MP3) was recorded in June of 2013. I apologize for the audio quality. I should have re-recorded the sections where Skype dropped out but I didn’t know better. I’ll bring Ed back in the not to distant future to follow up.

We covered:

  • Experiences with virtualizing Oracle & issues with Exadata & Exalogic?
  • How application owners proscribing solutions makes IT more complicated
  • “Cloud” in the real world – why/why not – pets vs. cattle
  • Cloud adoption stall
  • Scripting test/dev environment creation
  • DevOps & The Phoenix Project – what does it mean for a user
  • Why Puppet/Chef? – challenges of differences between dev/test/prod
  • The challenges of speaking at a VMUG

Episode One Available Now!

Episode One is now available for download on iTunes & MP3.

In our first episode we introduce ourselves & discuss:
– why we’re doing this, why focus on users?
– SSO 5.1 vs 5.5 & fruit baskets
– vSphere upgrades – when, why, etc – inc. home labs
– When is Chris going to dye his beard red? Why GS grew his beard?
– How to get users to speak at VMUGs? (some great ideas here)