Hosted by GS Khalsa (@gurusimran), Chris Wahl (@ChrisWahl) & Josh Atwell (@Josh_Atwell) VUPaaS is a podcast focused on virtualization users, their experiences, challenges, accomplishments and what they’ve learned. We cover all manner of virtualization: servers, networking & storage and users ranging from solo operators to the largest enterprise.

The aim of the podcast is to provide a wider audience access to the kind of information sharing and discussions that go on at a typical user group meeting.

In addition to discussions with users we will also look to bring experts on the show to conduct deep-dives on specific aspects of virtualization technology and possibly bring on vendors of products we think the audience would be interested in to discuss their products.

Unless specifically noted in the show title (will be indicated as “Sponsored” – details in the show notes), no support, direct or indirect is taken or given to/from guests or vendors on the podcast. Additionally, while we all have day jobs, this podcast is not sponsored or supported by any of our employers.

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    • Sorry I’ve been so slow getting new shows out. I’m posting the latest today and will aim for another in the next few weeks. Thank you for listening!

  1. Id love to hear an episode focused on real-world benefits of intra-hypervisor network microsegmentation (e.g. NSX, Altor) compared to alternative means of security zone segmentation.

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